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Used Oil Collector:
This unit is mobile; having a handle and three wheels and rotates 360 degrees. The capacity of the container is approximately 80 litres. The container is provided with a bowl having perforations. The impurities in the oil get filtered and the oil alone is drained into the container.
The rotatable bowl is provided with a locking knob. It can be lifted upto two feet high from the container.At the bottom of the container a ball valve is attached to drain the oil. To see the oil level,a transparent nylon tube is attached,which runs from top to bottom of the container.


Portable & 360 degree rotatable

Total Weight

30 Kg. Approx

Total Height of the Unit

4 1/2 feet

Adjustable Bowl Height

2 feet

Rotating angle of the Bowl

360 degrees

Container Capacity

80 lts

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