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Automatic operation: Automatic pressure switch is provided.


Portable: The Auto Service Unit is mounted on two nylon wheels to enable smooth transport of the unit even on rough and uneven surfaces.


Optional: The Auto Service Unit can also be used for spray painting. Suitable spray painting gun with an air regulator can be supplied at extra cost. 
The unit consists of:


Reciprocating Air Compressor — SKM15


1.5 HP rating direct coupled, with an FAD of 2cfm, at a maximum working pressureof10kgf/cm2. The compressor unit is highly balanced, fitted with roller bearings for the connecting rod and crank, automotive type piston, and deep finned cylinder and cylinder head. The valves are finger type. The compressor is mounted on 45 liters horizontal air receiver.


Grease Pump m- SKGP 20


The unit is equipped with a high — pressure lubricating pump of 50:1 ratio, mounted on a grease drum of 25 kg grease capacity, with easy opening lid. An automatic regulator regulates grease pump inlet pressure at a constant 5.5 kg/cm2. Irrespective of the air-line pressure.


Tyre Inflator


This unit has a gun type tyre inflator with gauge, an hose of convenient length, dual foot connector for inflation/deflation of tyre and checking of air pressure.


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